E-learning platform for health

Alejandría Health is our e-learning platform oriented to the health sector. Pharmaceutical companies, healthcare organizations, medical societies and other healthcare players already use the platform to disseminate knowledge.

Alejandría Health offers content oriented by health specialties, masters and postgraduate courses with a single file per student, an advanced content search engine, credits by curricula, clinical cases to reinforce knowledge, streaming and on-demand broadcasts… All of this is customizable, gamified, modular and accessible from any device.

Discover below all that Alejandría Health has to offer!

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Modular system

The modular structure of our e-learning platform for health facilitates the inclusion of courses, videos, clinical cases, documentation, glossaries and other tools to develop specific skills.


Featured modules in Alejandría Health

Clinical cases

Participate in clinical case competitions and consult the library to learn how to resolve specific situations with our e-learning platform for health.

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02 masters posgrados

Master's and postgraduate degrees

Take master’s and postgraduate degrees to increase the level of specialisation.


Receive accreditations after acquiring certain skills or pass different study programmes.

03 acreditaciones
04 retransmitir

Video streaming

Stream videos and participate in them to learn from the experts.

And many other possibilities
Find what you need

The advanced search engine allows you to locate any content in the entire platform. Courses, documents, clinical cases, videos, etc. – all the knowledge accessible in an agile and efficient way.

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