Gamified digital onboarding

Add a touch of gamification to your digital onboarding process and bring together all the knowledge that each new recruit needs to acquire in a visual and structured way. An induction plan can integrate specific learning contents, protocols and any type of information that must be taken into account in this process.

01 configuracion

A simple configuration of the training pathway with a variety of resources.

02 estructuracion

Easy structuring and monitoring of content based on profiles.

03 gamificado

A gamified, motivating and visual environment to enjoy.

04 seguimiento

Monitoring of the person being trained through our content management panel.

Success stories (in Spanish)

Customers such as Mercedes, AXA and AKÍ have already implemented their own projects. Find out about them in more detail.

08 Uvesco v01 scaled 1

Profile personalised digital onboarding for the Uvesco Group

  The Uvesco Group, a food distribution company that includes the Super Amara and Super BM supermarkets, carries out the induction plans for all new ...

We have launched the ONE AXA welcome plan

Starting from the Story training solution, Wetak has created ONE AXA, an induction plan aimed at employees from another company who have recently joined AXA. ...
Aki acogida v01

AKÍ: our APP for an agile, dynamic and visual induction plan.

Focused on putting PEOPLE at the epicentre of our solutions, we have implemented an Induction Plan for AKÍ. In this case, our solution consists of ...
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