AKÍ: our APP for an agile, dynamic and visual induction plan.

Focused on putting PEOPLE at the epicentre of our solutions, we have implemented an Induction Plan for AKÍ. In this case, our solution consists of an application to train employees who have just joined AKÍ Bricolaje. In this case, we changed from a training programme with a traditional format to a more versatile one that adapts in time and form to each new member of staff, so that it is always adapted to the specific needs of each person and each moment.

The APP has different employee profiles, so that each user can follow the initial training programme that best suits their needs.

The application offers many possibilities, but particularly worthy of note is how in a very visual way it helps people to assimilate the main tasks and functions of each position, as well as to carry out specific training and to practice supervised tasks on the general operation of an AKÍ store.

The APP allows control of the entire process, from sending notifications to the result of the evaluation of the activities. It enables the incorporation of files in multiple formats and, in summary, provides an unbeatable comprehensive management tool for profiles, training plans, modules, pills, content and activities.

At a time when images are such an important part of our lives, we believe that we must work on the development of solutions that allow us to acquire knowledge in a more visual and interactive way. The #visualculture, beyond its sense of an iconosphere, provides the reality in which to create effective content whose quick-to-grasp visual nature and operational agility are a guaranteed stimulus for the building and reinforcing of knowledge.

With this project we have managed to eliminate barriers of space and time between people as well as those in the traditional induction plans, since there is absolute flexibility in terms of access times and access is possible from anywhere. It should also be noted that the traceability of the users and the entire learning process is guaranteed.

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