Mobile learning

Mobility to meet the needs of critical knowledge acquisition

Decision-making support, application library and training pill launcher: choose your solution for mobility.



No one is left out of the knowledge acquisition process because of logistical reasons or lack of equipment.


Encouraging participation

The user can comment and rate the content.


Barrier-free accessibility

Access to offline content, multi-format content, etc.



Allows the incorporation of evaluation elements and their corresponding feedback.

Mobile Learning Solutions

Knowledge in your pocket, updated and available at any time and anywhere, without mobility barriers and without losing the traceability of the learning process.

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Mobile Pills

Constant and immediate access to critical company knowledge. Rapid and agile distribution of training, maintaining evaluation guidelines and learning traceability.

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Digital onboarding App

A user-friendly and efficient way to train your employees even before they join. Provides advance access to the essential knowledge and reinforces their feeling of belonging.

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App Library

All your applications in a practical library with easy access and search options. Ideal to give globality to all your apps.

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Support for critical decision-making

In the “simulation” mode, it allows training before facing real situations such as medical diagnoses. In its real mode it can be used, for example, for fault detection.

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