Gamified, motivating and effective training

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Learning content is always king.


Graphics and content.

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Integrated data management in a friendly and usable environment.


Implementation and launch.

Gamification solutions

The combination of gamification and online training results in a motivating and effective learning system that is reflected in all our solutions.

A familiar system leads to the steady achievement of learning goals.

Gamified learning system based on the resolution of day-to-day cases. It allows learning through cooperation between players by allowing individual and team play.

The wheel of fortune principle applied to training. Superb for consolidating the knowledge acquired during training by categories.

A simulation game with alert control to identify and solve problems related to safety and prevention of occupational risks.

Con una sistemática reconocida, se provoca una consecución paulatina de logros de aprendizaje.

Imagen con el tablero del quiz, solución formativa gamificada para empresas

Sistema de aprendizaje gamificado basado en la resolución de casos del día a día. Permite aprender mediante la cooperación entre los jugadores, al permitir jugar individualmente y en equipo.

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La sistemática de la ruleta de la suerte aplicada a la formación. Magnífica para afianzar, por categorías, los conocimientos adquiridos durante una formación.


Un juego de simulación con control de alertas para identificar y solucionar problemas relacionados con la seguridad y la prevención de riesgos laborales.

04 control panel

More innovative solutions

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Control Panel

A panel is presented in which alarms go off related to content involving safety, ORP etc. We answer questions to eliminate these risks. The game is completed by clearing the alarms.

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This game is based around challenges between colleagues which are linked to specific content. It is a real learning and motivation challenge. The system proposes adversaries who have the same knowledge level.

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Unlock worlds to complete each stage and access the next. This attractive visual game is ideally suited to acquiring categorised knowledge and progressively reaching milestones.

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Do you remember the story books where you could choose your own adventure? This is how Story works. It is perfect for learning from colleagues’ real experiences or for acquiring knowledge of processes.

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