Roulette, a gamification solution

The concept

Based on a question-answer system, dilemmas are posed that the user has to resolve within a given time limit. The difficulty of the questions increases as the user progresses in the game.

01 centrada


The content is always available, before, during and after answering the questions, to reinforce knowledge.

02 formacion

Training by typologies

The categories make it possible to identify and establish different typologies through which to reinforce learning: customers, products, problems identified, tools, subjects, etc.

03 motivacion

Goal-oriented motivation

Establishing a classification system helps to motivate the user by generating an element of competitiveness. Different rankings can be established: general, by profiles, by geographical areas, etc.


The combination of educational content and game elements to develop effective learning

01 aprendizaje 1

Agile and progressive learning

The difficulty of the content increases as the user progresses through the level.

02 Herramienta

Customisable tool

At the graphic and content level. It can include rich media content or just pose question-answer challenges.

03 multidispositivo

Multi-device solution

Available in app, web and SCORM format, so it is applicable to any training platform.

04 trazabilidad

Traceability in processes

It offers activity data at both overall statistical and user level throughout the process.


Encourage learning in an effective and entertaining way.

01 ruleta pantalla
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