Gamification with online training

How it works

Based on healthy competition, it is a solution that is easily adaptable to all types of subjects, organisations and technologies, since it can be developed in web or SCORM standard format.

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Familiar mechanics

This allows the participant to focus on learning the content and not on the rules of the game.

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Related to the content

The game presents content associated with the questions which can be consulted before answering the question.

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Different rankings – general, by profiles and by geographical areas etc. – are established in order to motivate the user in an approach based on "healthy" competition.


Games used to provide effective learning

quiz multipartida

Multi-game and multi-edition

It can be played as many times as you want and different editions of the same game can be played with the same content or changing it.

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Available in web and SCORM format, compatible with all standard LMS on the market

quiz rich media

Rich Media Content

The game connects to rich media content, increasing its assimilation, making it an attractive, motivating and effective Gamified Course.

quiz rankings

Customisable rankings

By areas, departments, geographical areas etc.


Participation and competitiveness for the purpose of acquiring critical knowledge.

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