Learning from real situations through simulation

The concept

Simulate real situations so that the user learns, reinforces the knowledge acquired and knows how to manage critical moments in terms of safety and prevention of occupational risks. Like pilots who build up hours of simulation flights before taking on real flights.

01 aumentar

Increase awareness

Simulating a real action helps to better assimilate the content covered during the training. Practice helps demonstrate the value of that knowledge.

01 centrada 1

Motivate by achieving goals

Knowing how to solve problems in time so that a potential risk situation does not become a real problem leads to personal satisfaction.

02 formacion 1

Categorise critical situations

The categories make it possible to identify and establish different typologies through which to reinforce learning: customers, products, problems identified, tools, subjects, etc.


Recreate an alert control system to assimilate the knowledge acquired

01 atractiva

Attractive interface

Includes visual and sound elements that simulate a security control panel.

02 Herramienta 1


Possibility of graphic and content adaptation.

03 multidispositivo 1


Available in web, app and SCORM format, so it is applicable to any training platform.

04 trazabilidad 1


It offers activity data at both overall statistical and user level throughout the process.


Simulation of cases to raise awareness about the importance of good practices.

01 panel pantalla
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