Profile personalised digital onboarding for the Uvesco Group


The Uvesco Group, a food distribution company that includes the Super Amara and Super BM supermarkets, carries out the induction plans for all new recruits digitally on its Campus Uvesco platform.

The people who join have a totally personalised induction plan adapted to their functions and profiles, as well as to the supermarket chain to which they belong.

It is a gamified onboarding process in which the content is presented in different stages by means of a graphic map. Each stage contains the relevant training content that can be in the form of video, SCORM, PDF or links.

When the user completes one of the stages, they get the badge related to that category and the content of the next stage is unlocked. As the final point of the induction plan, the Uvesco Group has opted for a Quiz: a playful way to reinforce the knowledge acquired throughout the onboarding process.

You can learn more about Uvesco’s work in this interview that was published in Equipos&Talento.


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