Nestlé Science France Nutrition League is decided in Toulouse

Participantes en la Ligue de Nutrition Nestle Science France

Wetak, together with Nestlé Health Science France, has promoted a new edition of the Nestlé Nutrition League, an online training action by teams on clinical cases related to enteral nutrition. This edition, carried out for Nestlé Health Science France, was a continuation of the Nutrition League held in Spain. In both cases, the league was based on the case competitions system, which promote learning by teams on real cases.

On this occasion, the “Ligue de Nutrition Nestlé Science France” took place between February 1, 2022 and May 15, with the on-site final between the three best participating teams being held on Thursday, November 17. This was a nationwide competition involving nutritionists and dieticians from all over France.

A training action with more than 240 participants divided into more than 50 teams, in which more than 60 clinical cases have been published and evaluated by the jury composed of four members, experts in the field.

The Nestlé Science France Nutrition League consisted of five days (one pilot and four scoring days). The three best teams competed against each other in a face-to-face final in Toulouse in an event that lasted about one and a half hours. 

Our clinical case competitions stand out for the following reasons:

  • “Learning by doing”: Working on real cases, which are proposed by the participants themselves, makes the user learn by doing, which gives a practical value to learning. Solving practical or clinical cases live in a gamified way to decide the winner of the League.
  • Encouraging teamwork and cooperation: It allows multidisciplinary work, debates and, in short, cooperative learning and the creation of formal learning communities.
  • Promoting motivating learning supported by a playful and participatory action.
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