Benefits of using gamification in e-learning platforms

One of the trends that has become more established in the world of e-learning is gamification. Not only in the use of games as a training action, but also as a structural element of a learning platform.

The truth is that applying this technique makes it possible to create more attractive learning environments that invite the user to participate more actively in the process, infusing, almost unintentionally, a Learning Culture.

The use of badges, scores, rankings or levels is becoming commonplace, and there are several benefits of gamification in e-learning platforms:

  1. It boosts user motivation. Motivation is one of the main drivers of learning, so a well-designed platform will help give the learner a push to move forward with their training.
  2. It engages and generates bonds. One of the strongest elements in gamification is storytelling. Creating a compelling thread makes the user feel identified and want to move forward in the story, generating the will to continue the development of the activity.
  3. It guides learning. Gamification helps to direct the user’s attention to specific elements, structuring the training process and making the steps to follow clear.
  4. It sets reachable goals. Achieving badges, medals, unlocking content or new levels; generates small challenges at each step that encourage the user to continue with his/her training and go beyond, generating a greater commitment.
  5. It creates a more relaxed environment. A more playful environment can help take some of the pressure off, as every participant feels that what they are doing is about improving themselves and not about passing or pleasing others, allowing each person to do their best.
  6. It promotes healthy competition. If rankings of different types are included, it generates a feeling of competition and self-improvement, and can create a bond between the people participating in the training action.

In short, gamification elements in learning platforms have a great potential, since they allow to generate a higher level of engagement and contribute to develop a continuous learning culture thanks to the rewards and the small challenges faced by each participant.

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