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Personalised e-learning courses

Web Technology or SCORM

Online courses that adapt to any device and are compatible with all the training platforms on the market.

Easy content update

Our course creation tool makes it easy for us to update content or quickly add new sections.

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Live video editing to improve skills

An opportunity to train live and remotely

The solution to welcome the newly recruited employees in your organisation

The most suitable Rich Media resources for each learning objective

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The combination of the best pedagogy with the usability provided by design and technological resources mean that Rich Media courses facilitate learning.

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We take great care with the graphic part of the solutions so that they are user-friendly.

Role play

The various situations or practical cases are presented through animated situations that are narrated by means of a voice-over.

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rich 3D


An attractive way to present content in detail. We use it to display parts, machines, parts of the human body, etc. Where the camera does not reach, we apply 3D.

"Weatherman" video

An actor-trainer didactically transmits the scripted content with experts on the subject. The video is accompanied by supporting materials that facilitate the acquisition of critical knowledge.

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Expert video

An expert is recorded who presents the content, based on his or her own presentation, without the need for scripting. An agile production solution.

Video interview

This is a video in the style of a testimonial in which a person explains a concept. It is accompanied by images or real resources that support the testimony of the interviewee.

rich entrevista
rich streaming


Remote training broadcasting. Real-time interaction between trainers and students.

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And whatever else you need!
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