Eyetalks by Intense – live online talks about ophthalmology

The pandemic has caused a change in our lives, limiting and even completely stopping face-to-face activity in certain cases. As a consequence, methods of training have changed, new ways to continue training remotely being adopted.

Angelini aimed to continue with activities, training its associated doctors, and to do this the company has adapted to the new times and has worked with Wetak to launch Eyetalks by Intense, an online training platform in which, through online talks, one or more experts address a specific subject.

The virtual meetings, lasting approximately half an hour, allow the participation of the attending public through interactive questions that are presented through the chat and that the speakers answer live or through surveys that are handed out during the session.

In addition, all the events have been organised into two large blocks accredited by the Commission for Continuing Education of the Health Professions.

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