CAF Group APP – an employee portal to have everything close at hand

CAF Group, an international leader in comprehensive sustainable mobility systems, launches the “Employees APP”, a web tool and app (available for iOS and Android) aimed at communication/information that will allow employees to access information and common services in a quick and simple way.  

All the information displayed on this employee portal is organised based on permissions related to aspects such as geographical areas, subsidiaries, plants or profiles, so that each person sees only what is useful to them.

Regarding content, the “Employees APP” is divided into different sections. The news section allows users to keep up to date with both the sector and the company news. There is also a utility section where each person will find a repository of the most relevant documents for their profile and which they can go to at any time in a quick and simple way. 

In addition, the CAF employee portal serves as a point of access for the different corporate tools and the “CAF eLearning” training platform, based on Alejandría, by means of an integrated login system that facilitates interconnection between platforms.

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