Escuela Vasca de Retail – an innovative school for Basque retail


The popularisation and general adoption of digital businesses has affected local retailers which have seen their influence steadily diminishing.

With the aim of providing the necessary tools and knowledge to the Basque retail sector, the Álava, Bilbao and Gipuzkoa chambers of commerce have come together to make available a global solution with which to offer different and adapted training to Basque retail companies in order to professionalise them and improve their competitiveness.

The project

The Escuela Vasca de Retail  (Basque School of Retail) was created with the aim of becoming “a benchmark for the professionalisation and improvement of the competitiveness of local retailers in the Basque Country”.

The project had three objectives:

  1. To establish comprehensive training for the Retail sector.
  2. To improve the connection between the qualifications required by the workers in the sector and the training on offer.
  3. To contribute to the modernisation of knowledge and of management tools.

Taking Alejandría,  as the foundation, at Wetak we have adapted our training platform to the design of the corporate identity of the project as well as to the specific needs of the Escuela Vasca de Retail with the implementation of the pathways, media library, webinars and news/calendar modules.


The training pathways allow in-depth training in different subjects such as customer focus, business management, team management and accounting within a total of six training routes that include:

  • Digital transformation: to know how to carry out the digital transformation process of the business.
  • Business strategy: to learn how to establish a strategy to follow in the business in order to guarantee competitiveness in the medium and long term.
  • Design and development of the point of sale: to discover action to take at the point of sale both online and offline.
  • Customer service: to understand the general behaviour of customers and establish customer journeys that allow the building of customer loyalty.
  • Team management: which helps to understand the importance of human capital in the business.
  • Business management: to learn about financial economics, commercial logistics and legal regulations and thus carry out a more professional and efficient management of the business.


In addition, the training pills help lay the foundations of the digital world with short videos, and the calendar helps to ensure that none of the relevant events in the sector or those of the platform are missed.

The use of webinars on a regular basis helps users to find out and learn about the different tools in more depth, guided by experts in the field in an approachable and friendly way, with an almost personalised approach.



An online platform with about 1,000 users in an online environment and with more than 21,000 consulted resources in less than two years of operation.

One of the key aspects to highlight is the flexibility offered by the platform, allowing each user to look in depth at those subjects which they deem appropriate, adapting the training pace to their needs and situation at all times.

It also enables finding specific content according to the profile of each user, regardless of their position (senior management, manager, shop assistant, etc.) and experience.

Also worth highlighting is the wealth of content provided by the platform with video-tutorials, discussions with experts, action manuals, and pills providing focused information or good practices from leading businesses.

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